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Offering boxed meal prep options delivered door to door each week, Urban Direct takes the pain of planning out of weekly meal prep by offering a selection of delicious, easy to follow recipes, complete with pre-measured ingredients and only the freshest contents available. Delivered to your door in an iced, insulated box kept crisp and fresh. From classic to low-GI, veggie, or mixed, simply select your preferred meal box and number of portions to place your order.


Urban Direct

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Braai Box

R470.00 per braai box serving 4 people
R 470,00


Our Low-GI recipes allow you to enjoy delicious meals while cutting back on grains and bad carbs. We combine proteins, vegetables and low-GI starchy vegetables like sweet potato and butternut to create meals you’ll love. A great option for those keeping an eye on the scale.
R 590,00


Our Veggie meals are good enough to convert any carnivore. We work hard to bring you interesting and delicious meals that offer a healthy alternative for those wanting to cut back on meat. Our Veggie boxes don’t contain meat, fish or chicken, but they do utilise dairy like cheese and cream, so it isn’t suitable for vegans.
R 590,00


If you are not set on any one style of eating and love to experiment, then this is for you. Choose any 4 meals from the Classic, Low-GI and Veggie box to make your own individual menu for the week.
R 590,00


Imagine the meals you grew up loving. Lasagnes, pastas, roasts and oven bakes. The classic box contains easy to cook meals that appeal to everyone – even fussy eaters. Combine hearty ingredients including whole grains, vegetables and proteins to make delicious classic meals.
R 590,00
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