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    Keto Life™ BHB Ketones, Trimfit & FREE Coffee Creamer

    Keto Life™ BHB Ketones with Caffeine 90s: 1 x Keto Life BHB Ketones with Caffeine 90s Keto Life™ Trimfit 120s: 1 x Keto Life Trimfit 120s Keto Life™ Coffee & Tea Creamer 100g: 1 x Keto Life MCT Coffee & Tea Creamer 100g
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    Get 1 each:

    • Keto Life™ BHB Ketones
    • Keto Life™ Trimfit
    • Keto Life™ Coffee Creamer & Tea Creamer


    Keto Life™ BHB KETONES

    BHB Ketones with Caffeine is a dietary supplement ingredient which helps induce ketosis faster. Ketosis is the condition where most of the body's energy needs are supplied by ketones which aid in breaking down fat instead of ingested glucose (carbohydrates). During ketosis, the body uses fat reserves to manufacture glucose for energy.


    1. A potent daily dose of 3000mg BHB salts

    2. Induce ketosis faster

    3. Accelerates fat burning

    4. Promote ketone production

    5. Available in 90 veggie capsules (15 day supply)


    Keto Life™ TRIMFIT

    Clinically tested Trimfit is a proprietary blend of plant fibers and patented cetylated fatty acids. It helps to regulate the hormones leptin and adiponectin, which controls satiety and fat storage. A clinical study at the University of Connecticut (USA) and peer-reviewed in the journal of Endymology of Europe, proves *weight loss of up to 1.1 kg per week. Trimfit absorbs glucose and fatty acids and has been clinically proven to double the effects of dieting and exercising. 


    1. Clinically proven to support weight management of up to 1.1kg weight loss per week*

    2. Blend of plant fibres and cetylated fatty acids which help with gut health

    3. Regulates hormones Leptin and Adiponectin, which controls satiety and fat storage

    4. Available in 120 tablets ( 30 day supply)

    * University of Connecticut



    Get the energy you need with a delicious-tasting coffee creamer! The Coffee & Tea Creamer is full of high-quality fats. Convert fat into energy, assists to fuel your brain and provide energy Easily dissolves in coffee or tea. 

    1. Get the energy you need with a delicious-tasting coffee/tea creamer

    2. Full of high-quality fats

    3. Convert fat into energy

    4. Assists to fuel your brain and provide energy

    5. Easily dissolves in coffee or tea

    6. Available in 100g (25 servings)



    This Health Supplement has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council.

    This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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